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Grunwaldzka 36, 69-220 Ośno Lubuskie

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Ośno Lubuskie is located on the Łęczna river in the western part of lubuskie voivodeship. It is situated 30 kilometers from the border crossing point in Świeck. Near there are forests and lakes.

We offer holiday house for 5 people that liegts 15 metres from the lake. In the house there is a shower, a small kitchen and a bathroom.

Our guests can use a boat, bikes and grill. There is a lot of fishes in the lake and many mushrooms in the forest.

We hope you will come and visit us.


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~16 km -  Accommodations Sulęcin(5)
~35 km -  Accommodations Łąkomin(1)
~46 km -  Accommodations Głębokie(16)


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